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How lucky are we to have besties??

Stacey by Stacey
July 2nd, 2013

For some reason this rad pic made me think of hanging out with my besties on the coolest remote island ever! No kids, no phones, no computers….just cocktails, tanned bodies and yummy food – oh yeah and no boys!

Where did those days go??? Ohhh that’s right they were never really there! But we dream of this day….yep this fun day imagining our besties just hanging out talking about our first kiss, easier ways to get a wax without the pain, the first time we skulled a bottle of Jim Beam, our first ciggy’s and a little bit of child birth.

Oh those were the days….someone rescue us and take us there! Hope this makes you give a little love tap to your besties today! Love to my girls!  xxx