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I LOVE these pics Iggy posted of her bum

Monty by Monty
August 9th, 2016

You always want what you don’t have and I’m all about BIG boobs and a BIG bootie. I want them so very bad but unless I get implants in all of these regions, I don’t think it will be happening on this bod in my lifetime.

I’m SO bloody thrilled that the wafer thin, skeletal and totally unachievable teeny weeny bee-hind is so yesterday. It is all about baby and her back now and I’m borderline creep-like when it comes to ogling over other dame’s goods.  I find hips and a large round derrière powerful, liberating and down right beautiful.

These pics of Iggy Azaela and her fabulous curves got me like WOOOOW for all the right reasons. How grouse is her caboose and I love that she loves it too. She popped them up on her Insta and naturally people are like “Iggy totes got some implants in that trunk” but I don’t think so. She has always had hips and curves.



Our peaches don’t need to fit into size 8 jeans to be sexy anymore. Thank GOD!

I hail women like Beyonce, J-Lo, Iggy and Khloe Kardahsian for making the rump something to celebrate and embrace.

Let’s flaunt what our mamas gave us and if you are blessed with curves, it’s time to show the world.

Chocolate and squats ahoy!

Awesome Basketball champ Liz Cambage joined us on the couch and chatted about how she loves her booty. Check it out below.