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Was your birth plan anything like what actually went down?

Stacey by Stacey
January 19th, 2015

My birth plan was bullet proof. Or so I thought. I felt like I was going to conquer labour like I had many other things in my life (clearly quite naive). Feeling up for the challenge was an understatement, I was actually looking forward to it, that was until I walked into my doctors office the day I was due. An ultrasound showed a distressed baby with an irregular heart rate inside me.

My doctor looked at me and said, ‘I don’t feel comfortable sending you home, I don’t think the baby is okay in there’. I needed a minute to digest the news that I was not going to go into labour. I was never going to experience what I had spent every day and night thinking about and preparing for. I was shattered. More from the shock I think. Not one to love change or deviations from a plan, I was a tad worried that the experience of a c-section wasn’t going to compare to what other women experience from vaginal births.

Boy was I wrong…although a c-section isn’t my first choice,  having had two now,  I have come to terms with the fact that my body doesn’t quite prepare itself to deliver ‘ala natural’,  but it sure does make a bloody brilliant little babe (or two in my case.)

We love hearing about births here at S+T – every single woman’s birth is different and the stories are just so incredible.

Monty had an awesome chat with Sophie Cachia AKA The Young Mummy about her birth….check it out below.

 What was your birth experience like?

  • Lilian

    I had an elective c-section with first baby…she was breach, so doctor recommended it to us…great experience, no dramas but I was desperate for a vaginal birth second time around…doctor said ok. He just kept a check on my c-section scar, and all was well. I carried second baby to 41 weeks, and was OVER IT! Went to doctor on the Tuesday, booked in for c-section for the Friday….went into labour Wednesday night, she was born (vaginally) on the Thursday….awesome experience too. Glad that as a woman I could say I have given birth vaginally (it is something that I really wanted to experience, but appreciate it isn’t for everyone) but ultimately whatever gets that baby out safely, I am all for it! There are no medals for ‘giving birth’ ….the prize is the ultimate…the baby.

  • Show+Tell – Stacey

    Lillian, thanks so much for sharing. What did you find harder? I would love to know. Having had two c-sections and no option for trying vaginally I always love to hear the answer to this question from women who have done both ways? Thanks again for writing – Stace xxx