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A Beautiful Body Project – real bodies after babies

Brooke by Brooke
May 5th, 2014

Women’s bodies after giving birth are nothing short of stunning and amazing. Women should be celebrate their bodies after giving birth for giving life to another human.

A new book , A Beautiful Body Project: The Bodies of Mothers by US photographer Jade Beall, has set out to show just how amazing this time in a woman’s life is by showcasing stunning images and wise words from women who have just bought a life into the world.

While posing naked just after giving birth may be some women’s worst nightmare, many women feel empowered and liberated doing this.

The book doesn’t glamorise body after baby in any way – stretchmark’s and saggy and loose skin are all on display.

The brave women in Jade’s book say posing naked was confronting but having their photograph taken helped them to reconnect with their bodies and overcome any negative thoughts about their perceived imperfections.

Jade, having suffered from poor body-image her whole life, decided to create this book after falling in love with her body for the first time – while she was pregnant. It wasn’t until she watched her body change and evolve during pregnancy that she began to love her body.

Jade now wants to inspire future generations of woman to embrace their beauty just as they are.

In the preface, Jade writes: ‘We joyously present you with this revolutionary concept and global body positive and self-love movement: that one need not be photoshopped to be beautiful.”

Take a look at the stunning images for yourself…