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I had Botox… but not for the reason you may think

Monty by Monty
February 4th, 2015

I was 11 when I got my first headache. I remember it vividly because it was the beginning of a long, annoying, painful and super boring road.

I was getting ready to go and wing attack the crap out of the netball court. I loved netball hard. Most suburban kids do. As I was popping on my yellow and blue Williamstown Tigers top, a thump in my head came out of nowhere. The thump kept going and turned into a continuous pounding mess. I had to call the coach and say I wouldn’t be attacking that day because I was out for the count.

Since that day, I have suffered from cluster headaches, tension headaches, rebound headaches, hormonal headaches, you name the type of headache and I am the poster girl for it.

Headaches are such an annoying thing to suffer from because you cannot physically see them; people can never really understand how bad they are. One of my friends has NEVER ever had a headache. To me this is alien, all I know is a world with headaches in it. I can’t even fathom that a head could get through life without an ache. I was not born with that blessing. Mine has ached on more occasions that I want to think about.

Over the years I have been anxious to make plans because quite often I would have to cancel due to a bad head. I would make up excuses because I found my headache story embarrassing and worried people thought it was a lame excuse. I have done hundreds of hours in my bed or on the couch with a bad headache. I have also spent hundreds of hours kicking on, learning to live my life with a bad head or else I would never get a thing done.

(Please note this is a sponsored post, although all of these opinions are mine) 

cosmetic-acupunctureI have tried everything under the sun to rid my headaches. Acupuncture, reiki, theata healing, massage, prevention medication, the pill, botox, chiropractors, osteos, physios, doctors specialising in Chinese medicine, stress management and hoola hooping. That last one is a lie but you get the drift, if there was a chance it would rid me of my headaches, I gave it a crack. Thousands of my pennies have been spent on trying to clear my headaches.

There isn’t just the one thing that triggers my headaches, it is loads of things. What a joy! When I am too tired, a bit stressed, eat too much chocolate or when my neck is out. There are a few things that help me.

The first thing that cleared my head up hugely was having my first son. However I don’t recommend falling pregnant to rid your headaches. There are other options.

The other thing that works for me is popping a couple of Nurofen Zavance and downing a strong coffee. NZ (Nurofen Zavance for those not on best friend terms with it), is absorebed up to twice as fast as standard Nurofen. If I get onto it quick enough that mixture seems to do the trick for me. The cause of lots of headaches is because of nasty little muscles in the head and neck and these little pills seem to go straight to the source and ease the pain. I don’t go anywhere without my silver packet of Nurofen Zavance happiness or further than 10 minutes away from a good coffee shop. The glorious life of a headache sufferer. Jealous?

Note: Nurofen Zavance is for the temporary relief of pain and/or inflammation. Please always read the label and use only as directed, as incorrect use could be harmful. Also if symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional


Are you a fellow headache sufferer?