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Bush, drag strip or bald down there?

Monty by Monty
August 24th, 2015

I’ll admit that I shaved my va jay jay for years. YEARS. I know you probably gasped, most people do when I share that bit of vagina info.

My first ever brazilian was undertaken in my friend’s bedroom. She needed people to practice on while she was at beauty school. It was a disaster. I was a sweaty mess and so was she. It looked all forms of wrong down there and the pain, oh the pain. It turned me off waxing for around 10 years. I got my next Brazilian just before I gave birth to my first son. I felt bad for the midwives having to sift through the Daintree to find my baby. Since then I am bang up for a Brazilian. No drag strips, nothing. I look like a child and I’m fine with that.

Brazilians are never a fun thing to endure and it is always a tad awkward. After all the waxer is barrelling your goods.  The aftermath is always worth it though.

The Thinkergirls have made a video of a good old brazilian wax. Show + Tell’s make up artist Beth is giving Stace (her bestie) a brazilian.

It is a crack up and makes me realise it is time to book in a wax. Boo!