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You either love or hate them…preggo/breastfeeding boobs.

Monty by Monty
July 17th, 2015

My boobs are itty bitty teeny weeny humble little mounds- like Shakira, my tatas with never be confused with mountains.

The thing I loved most about being pregnant and then feeding my boys was how my breasticles became full and fabulous handfuls. For the first time ever I had cleavage. I bloody loved it. I bloody love boobs. I’m like a bloke when it comes to them, I admire them from afar as girls walk down the street, I gawk at ones that reside on complete strangers and I often ask for a feel, I’m not even joking.

I vividly remember when my milk came in with my first son. We were in our hospital room and I woke up with these rock hard boltons on my chest. I stood up, spun around to my partner and squealed with delight. His eyes became like saucers and we both clapped like school girls over my new goods.

im They became less glamorous the more my kid mooched though, and as much as I loved my C cups boobs, the constant leaking milk took a little edge off the sexiness.

Blake Lively posted a pic of her breast feeding cans on her Instagram after her first born and like any red blooded human I had a good old look. This picture made me pine for my milky teets. She is loved them sick. I would too.

Along with the picture she wrote #Theperksofbreastfeeding. Indeed Lively. Indeed.


I am four months post breast feeding and my boobs now swim inside my A cup. They look like sad little sacks with marbles at the end.

Other girls here at Show + Tell who are fully stocked in the breast department felt like Dolly Parton when they were breastfeeding. Their boobs didn’t resemble a perk, more a flop. They were heavy and painful and no top sat quite right. Our bodies do all forms of fabulous and weird things when they grow and feed human’s.

As a small breasted woman, I have little pity for you big boobed babes. Give me some of your any-day. Boobs bloody rock.

How did you find your boobs when you were pregnant/feeding? Boob chat time!