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This viral pic has divided the internet…is it plain gross or a mum’s reality?

Abby Alexander by Abby Alexander
April 22nd, 2015

Recently, a photo posted on the Life Of Dad facebook page has gone viral and pretty much divided the internet in two. What do you think? Your parenting reality or just plain gross?

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The candid pic, intended to incite humour amongst the many parents who are fans of the page has split followers in two: Those who can completely relate to the image, and those who think it is ‘disgusting’ that the child is feeding while the mother is on the toilet. Comments from social media users have ranged from massive shows of support for the mum, and ‘that’s gross.

We say, sometimes bubs just want what they want and they want it right now. Ain’t no room to judge here. We here at Show+Tell have done all sorts of things to get through the day…and most we won’t admit to! HA!

And besides, all mum’s know there is no such thing as ‘going to the toilet by yourself ever’ once you have kids.

Do you think this is plain gross or just a parenting reality?

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