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Would you let your sister or best friend breast feed your baby?

Monty by Monty
April 27th, 2015

The other week I posted a picture on Instagram of me lying on the couch with Brooke’s little baby Edie. In the caption I jokingly wrote “I may or may not have breast fed brooke’s little girl, I’ll never tell”. To me it was clearly just a silly joke, a bit of fun and something I thought was blatantly just mucking around.

I guess ‘joke voice’ can not be heard in the written world. Rookie mistake on my behalf as many people found my comment a little disturbing.


For the record I did not breastfeed Brooke’s little girl. Although as a breastfeeding mum at the moment, it is not impossible for this to happen. I just don’t think Brooke is totally up for me whacking my boob in her lil ladies mouth. As much as I love Edie, I’m not really interested in feeding her either.

At work the next day my co-host, Zoe on the 3Pm pick up asked me if I had actually really done it. I thought she was mad for even asking the question but then she told me a story that made my jaw dropped.

When she was a baby her Aunty would often breast feed her. Yep. Her mum and her Aunty had babies at similar times so it wasn’t uncommon for the sisters to feed the other’s baby. They would do this if one of them was out and the baby was distressed.

We spoke to Zoe’s Aunty on the show about this. Have a listen below.

After chatting with Zoe’s Aunty, it got me to thinking that maybe we have this new way of ‘mothering’ totally wrong. The old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is one that has a whole lot of wisdom behind it. Back in the day, all the women would support each other in all aspects of parenting. Sometimes I crave this. I crave a village to raise my boys with me, and if that meant my sister or best friend breastfeeding my baby, maybe I would.

One of my mates is pregnant at the moment and her sister is too. I asked her if she would ever do this. Her response was that she would obviously much prefer to do it herself, but if her baby was distressed, or she couldn’t feed for some reason, then she doesn’t think she would mind her sister doing it.

I swing back and forth between thinking “Hell No’ and then ‘Why not.’

We try to do everything ourselves as mum’s today. Somewhere along the lines the village was cut down to two people, and in a lot of circumstances just one active parent – or one that is more available time wise, often the mum.

I know times have changed and there are such things as bottles and formula and a plethora of other very convenient things to help us with raising children. But have we shot ourselves in the foot with modern parenting. Is it such a bad thing to let our close village whack a boob in our babies mouth?

What are your thoughts on this? Would you let your sister or best friend breast-fed your baby?