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Bruno Mars, Joel Madden, Hamish Blake and Logies up noses.

Monty by Monty
April 8th, 2013

I recently scored my first gig on the tee-vee. I’m a team captain on ‘Tractor Monkeys‘ (Wednesday nights on ABC at 8.30, get amongst it). Getting this opportunity was huge for me. Having really minimal TV experience, I was blown away that someone backed me enough to give me a go. I had so much fun filming the show and was happy just at that. Then, a few months later….. I got an invite to the LOGIES!! Growing up on the Neighbours/ Home and Away nightly combo, this is a bloody big deal. Me, rubbing shoulders with Irene and Alf, bring it on!

First thing to sort was the dress. My cupboard is full of trackies and jeans, so this was tough. Thank gawd White Suede came to the rescue and lent me this sexy little number. Long ball gowns are so last year, get out the pins I say. Hair, make up and nails done, I was playing the part. I looked like a lady. Mum was proud.

Arriving at the red carpet (everyone has to walk it, everyone…even me) I felt like a fraud and scampered down it at the pace of a rabbit on speed. I entered a massive room full of tables and chairs, a big stage and celebs everywhere. I felt excited, nervous and hungry all at the same time.  I quickly realised I was on the table that was front and centre (literally). I was sitting next to Adams Hills who was up for the Gold (Asher Keddie took it out) so lucky I had my lippy on aye!

I had a ball. It was a long night but a fun night. Here are my highlights.

1. My first highlight was catching up with my Tractor Monkey buds. Luckily a car had been organised for us, otherwise I would have rocked up solo in a cab. So un.glam. So bo.gan. It felt like my year 12 formal sitting in the back of a limo with people all kitted up.

Dave O'Neil, Me, Merrick Watts

Dave O’Neil, Me, Merrick Watts

2.. Bruno Mars was ah-maze. Kid can sing…. and dance. I was so close I could see up his nostrils. He rocked the shoes sans socks which is apparently all the rage. When ever I see this look all I can think is “man your feet are going to stank!” At the after party Bruno Mars didn’t want anyone taking pics of him so his security had a small high powered torch that would point right in the camera lenses so the photo’s wouldn’t work…odd. Just take the pic Brune.

Bruno Mars and his no socks

Bruno Mars and his no socks

3. Check this out. Nuff said!! I texted this pic to my mum (she is aware of my unhealthy love of Karl Stefanovic) She just replied ‘Your dream came true’… Ha! Yes ma, yes indeed. I understand my crush on Karl is rather odd, it blossomed quite some years ago. I know I’m not alone in my Stefanovic love fest, many of my friends feel the same. You either get it or you don’t, I welcome you to jump on board. Click here to hear Chrissie Swan’s thoughts on Karl too.

Karl 'delicious' Stefanovic

Karl ‘ Super Hot Dad’ Stefanovic

4. This was a real highlight for me. I have been good mates with Hamish for nearly 10 years now. We met at work and bonded over our mutual love of Ninja’s at the time. He is a super rad person who deserves this pretty trophy and many more. It was so much fun to catch up with him and one of my fave’s Ryan Shelton.

Ryan Shelton and Hamish Blake. (and the Silver Logie)

Ryan Shelton and Hamish Blake. (and the Silver Logie)

5. I did the MIX breakfast show today from Crown (filling in for Chrissie Swan while she is on maternity leave) there were lots of hungover celebs wondering around. One of them who won TWO Logies (greedy) was Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and The Voice. He came on for a chat and was so much fun. I put his Logie up my nose, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jamie Row, Me with Logie up nose, Joel Madden, Jane Hall

Jamie Row, Me with Logie up nose, Joel Madden, Jane Hall