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A touching look at bullying that needs to be shared

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 25th, 2015

Bullying has become an epidemic. Nasty words and actions can strike right at the heart of young, impressionable children and piece by piece,  strip away their confidence and self-worth. The remnants of bullying can show through long after school days have finished and can re-surface like a recurring stain during adulthood.

This beautiful video called Who Will Stop The Bullying? is a touching look at fellow humans intervening when they see a young girl being picked on at a bus stop. It serves not only as a reminder that we MUST be kind to one another but to never participate, even if it’s just standing by and watching, in bullying of any kind.

Watch this video with your kids, share it with fellow parents and use it as a tool to open up a conversation with your child. Let’s get our kids understanding kindness from as young as we possibly can so that bullying is a word that will have no part in their future.

Have you or your child ever experienced bullying?