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Coffee lovers rejoice! Now you can get your caffeine fix ALL DAY LONG

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 23rd, 2016

How dependent are you on your daily coffee fix? Are you a ‘one-cup-in-the-morning’ kinda gal or a ‘I need coffee like I need air’ lass? I totally depend on my coffee for a mid-arvo pep-up because for some reason, between the hours of 3 and 4pm is when I feel my most fatigued. I’ve got a really great coffee machine but I can’t drink from it because for some reason, proper coffee gives me the worst acid reflux ever, so it’s instant for me. Blah.

I’m not really mad for the taste of coffee, I just like (and often rely on) the little kick I get; the one that gets me through homework, dinner, shower and bedtime without actually murdering anyone.

For those of us who can give or take the taste but rely on the kick, it’s time to crack out the party poppers because some genius boffins have created Joule, a bracelet that delivers that coffee hit directly INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM via transdermal patches equivalent to one cup of coffee each. The bracelet, which has been crowd-funded, deposits a slow-and-study supply of caffeine into the blood via the patch for at least four hours, which is helpful if you find yourself ready to tear your hair out an hour after your last hit of the brown brew. uglier than a Fitbit really

Joule…no uglier than a Fitbit really

Joule’s Canadian manufacturers claim that the bracelet is totally safe and that “Transdermal administration is simply another method of helping active ingredients reach your blood stream, which is also the goal of digestion.” In an interview with Tech Insider, co-founder Adam Paulin said that “Joule was created to help caffeine consumers emphasise the highs of their caffeine consumption experience while eliminating the lows.”  Sounds like EXACTLY what I need!

Joule will begin shipping from July and costs $40 for the bracelet and 30 patches which if you do the maths, is WAY cheaper than what you’d spend at your local cafe for coffee – especially if your name is Monty Dimond.

How much do you rely on your coffee? Would you use Joule?