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Cancer, please F#@k off.

Monty by Monty
May 15th, 2013
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I’m pretty sure women world wide gasped when they heard Angelina Jolie recently under went a double mastectomy. One thing I know about cancer is it does not discriminate.

She seemed invinsible, perfect, the type of person that cancer could not touch. After discovering she was the carrier of a potentially fatal cancer gene, with an 87% chance of getting breast cancer, her decision to remove both breasts was pretty much made for her.  Her chances are now around 5%. That is a much happier percentage.

After hearing about Angelina, I looked down at my boobs that I so often verbally abuse and gave them a silent ‘thank you’. I hope more than anything that these little boozies on my chest are with me for life. They may be tiny and a little od-shaped but they are mine. They have fed my baby and helped me fill out tops. I can’t imagine them not being around.

If one day I happen to find myself being the one out of eight women who get breast cancer (revolting stat), and I have my boobs removed, one things for sure, it won’t make me any less of a woman.

Below are some beautiful pictures of women who have fought breast cancer. I find them stunning and they certainly are ‘all women’.

And by all means cancer, feel free to F#@k off any time now.


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