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This is a perfectly fine reason not to like cats

Monty by Monty
September 16th, 2015

I ain’t a cat person.

I got a kitten for my 9th birthday and she was a bit moley. She was a pretty big kitten by the time we got her, she was actually already borderline cat and she was a biter.

The bigger she grew the harder she would bite. One minute I would be patting her gently thinking we were mates and the next minute she would turn on me and bite me with her needle like teeth. Moley!

I tried to love her, but she was a tricky, complicated, bitey cat and when you are nine you get over things pretty quickly. She soon became mums responsibility.

This little clip of a young girl saying why she doesn’t like cats cracks me up. She is spot on the money too. Put some pants on kitty.