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Check out what these babes used to do for a dollar.

Monty by Monty
July 11th, 2014

It’s always interesting to find out what celebs did for cashola before they were famous. They needed to pay the bills somehow and some random jobs were undertaken. Check these out.


Bradles used to drive a limo full of male strippers before he hit the big time. He also used to dance in a chicken suit for a fast food restaurant. I would have LOVED to have seen this. Wonder if he rips the suit out for Angie in the Boudoir. Hot chook.

johnny depp

Johnny Christopher Depp (yes that’s his middle name, I just googled it) used to sell pens. He did this in a really pesty way though… You know when you sit down for dinner and the phone rings and you pick it up and someone is trying to sell you something? Well, that’s what Johnny used to do. Sell pens over the phone. Usually an extremely annoying call, although johnny can sell me a Bic any day.

jon hamm

Jon Hamm has been in The Bizz longer than you’d think. For cash he used to work as a set designer for Porn films. Wowsa, how creative of him. Boom chicka wow wow.


Matthew McConaughey used to get down and dirty. He cleaned out chicken coups for a job. Ewww, that is rotten work. At least he would have got to take his top off for that, boy loves the no-top look (so do I, how annoyingly typical of me).


Mc Dreamy, was McDreaming people on the streets juggling. I’d have thrown him a buck. Hot busker…

Hot men, odd jobs.

What is the oddest job you have had?