child free holidays
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“I really wondered if my husband and I would have anything to talk about”

Rachael Brand by Rachael Brand
June 9th, 2015
child free holidays

It’s been three years since our twosome become a love triangle with the arrival of our daughter.  She’s without doubt the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to us etc. etc. but I had started to wonder if my husband and I would have anything to say to each other if sleep routines, discipline tactics, healthy snack alternatives and day care pick ups were taken out of the equation.  It was time for a toddler-free mini break!

With a friends wedding on the horizon in Lombok (a delicious island off Bali), we set the date to travel kid free.

I cried while packing my bag.  Anxiety had set in, why on earth were we leaving our child and flying to another country?  Look at poor Elsa and the little red-head princess, their parents went on a mini-break in that big ship and never came back.  I continued to weep in the taxi to the airport and in the plane as we took off but the crying stopped when I started to feel the FREEDOM!

child free holiday

Here’s why I highly recommend a child-free mini-break.

* Dinner after 7.30pm.  There’s a whole world of people booking dinner dates at 730 and even 8pm.  WTF?

* Hello carry-on baggage only. Also, without wipes, snacks and toys your handbag is about 3kgs lighter. One night I didn’t even take a bag to dinner.  Say whaaa? #mumsgonewild

* Late nights. You can stay up late without counting down the hours you have left till sunrise (or baby-rise)

* Sleep in. Say no more.

* “But why?” Is a question you won’t hear.

* Days without a schedule are glorious long lazy ones and you can decide how YOU want to spend them.

* Being a parent is all consuming and it’s way too easy to forget that you’re also someone’s lover and best friend. My husband and I talked (and finished sentences), laughed and remembered why we loved each other enough to make a baby in the first place.

After four nights in paradise we returned to our little lady renewed and excited about the next lounge room tea party or game of snap with no rules. We were greeted with a happy, healthy child who had enjoyed a week with no rules (thanks to Grandma) as much as we had.

Childfree mini-break = highly recommended. 5 stars.

Have you or would you go on a kid free vay cay?