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My son found the toilet bowl today. FOUL! Look at what he did

Monty by Monty
October 21st, 2015

Shiiiiiiiiiiit! Give me just two minutes, just 120 mini teeny weeny little seconds that I don’t have to watch you! Please kid. JUST STOP!

I’m in the thick of it. Slap bang in the middle of kid land. Everyone with older kids always say, “don’ t wish the time away”. I want to believe them but I still find myself closing my eyes wishing the clock to tick faster. Every day I pray for 7pm.

I want time to stand still at 7pm for weeks on end. That glorious hour when the kids have been fed, bathed and are in bed.

I want the silence and peace of 7pm bottled.

My son Arlo was out of my sight for about 7.5 seconds. God forbid I blow my nose. Seriously, that is what I was doing, Blowing my freakin nose. This is what he did in that time.

He clearly didn’t get the memo that we EMPTY OUR BOWELS in that thing. FOULLLLLLL.

7pm please visit me soon. And don’t leave… ever!

M x