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I plonk my kids in front of the TV a lot and I don’t care at all

Monty by Monty
July 15th, 2015

This piece is brought you by DermaVeen

“Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Sounds familiar? It is on repeat at my place.

I obviously love my kids, but every Tuesday night when the bins go out, I contemplate popping them in that big green wheelie too. Sure they are ace and cute and funny but MANNNNN! You know what I mean!?!

Things like ‘alone time’ or ‘me time’ don’t come along very often, so I find it super important to try and incorporate little slices of heaven into my day to day chaos or I would turn completely bonkers.

When I’m not at work my kids are basically strapped to my hip; so I’ve had to get crafty when it comes to a little solace during my day (that doesn’t involve blatant ignoring, which I have mastered… bad mummy).

DermaVeen has started a campaign called #momentsforme, which we were bang up for jumping on board with…

I am all about grabbing some moments for me – it can be bloody tricky to do but I have some crafty little ways for you to try. Below are some tips on how to get some moments just for yourself even when you are NEVER alone…

FullSizeRender (35)TV is your best friend.

Never trust someone who doesn’t have a TV. They are as good as a babysitter. While my 10-month-old is napping I pop on the TV and get my 3.5 year old into a trance. This often buys me some solid solo time. Do I feel guilty that he is watching the same movie for the 37th time? Hells no. I get him cosy on the couch then I grab my iPhone and headphones and pop a guided meditation app on or give myself a little tootsie or hand massage and moisturise (I’m using DermaVeen at the moment, it is oatmeal based so a goodie for the rugrats as well). My tot is safe and sound right next to me, my baby is dreaming of rusks in the next room and I am blissing while pretending to be on a beach in Jamaica. Five or 10 minutes does the trick. Give it a crack. It has often given me the elusion that I have had more than 600 seconds of ‘aloneness’.

Cup o’ tea time

One of the main loves in my life is tea. A strong but milky cuppa. If I’m feeling extra wild I might even dunk an orange cream biscuit (don’t judge, they are GOOD). Sometimes sipping on a cup of tea slows me down, makes me stop for a few minutes and just BE. There can be so much simple joy and peace found in a simple cup of tea. Even if my kids are running amok, I can step back into my own little world easier with a warm brew in my mitts.

Dance your lil heart out

How long has it been since you have put music on and danced? And I don’t mean to Wiggles or Play School or anything revolting like that, I mean to your own tunes, something you like and something that makes you haaaappy? Dancing get’s our endorphins pumping and our mouths grinning. I’ll often pop my headphones on and boogie (mum word) or even just bob along to my tunes while the kids are jumping on the tramp… or watching Jeff fall asleep. (I’m all about vintage wiggles, no Jeff, not watching). It is a wildly wonderful stress reliever and takes you out of your mind for a few little but often much needed minutes.

Eat up

beIt sounds simple enough but we rarely do it. MAKE YOUR OWN LUNCH! The amount of times I fill up on crusts that have a boring amount of peanut butter left on them is depressing! If I actually make myself a filling, healthy and yummy lunch it makes the world of difference to my mood, energy and overall feel.

These are just little tips that often work for me when I can’t escape the mini men but need some ‘me time’. Gotta keep our minds healthy cause we are doing some serious non-stop work in this parent land. If I stick to these little tricks, my kids remain out of the bin.

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