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My baby is not doing what other kids his age are…

Simone Santamaria by Simone Santamaria
November 18th, 2015

It’s really hard not to worry as a parent. Like really hard, in fact impossible! From the moment you see the positive sign on the wee stick, the concern for your offspring starts buzzing around in your head.

I try to be a relaxed mum, but it’s hard with the wealth and accessibility of information out there, the parental nature to protect and provide, or my desire to always be in-control.

Italian reading baby.

Italian reading baby Sam.

My particular parenting woe this week is about my fourteen month old son’s inability to crawl. Yes my son Sam is 14 months and he can’t crawl, or walk, but he can turn on the spot while sitting. He can also clap his hands and read Italian books…

I’ve had him checked by all the necessary medical professionals and it seems he is a-ok (which I appreciate and am thankful for) but it doesn’t stop me worrying and googling, and googling, and did I mention googling…

You see, 14 months was always my cut off date for him to crawl. I’m not sure what I was going to do after this time, but up until this point I had alleviated my worries with the knowledge that my friend’s son Henry didn’t start crawling until 14 months of age. One day, out of no where he just pushed himself up and off he went.  But now Henry’s milestone has come, and Sam is still spinning on the spot while Henry’s off rock-climbing Everest.
But that’s the thing with milestones isn’t it, despite what statistics your maternal child and health nurse is scaring you with, every child’s is different. And comparing milestones can make you CRAZY, especially when you’re sister’s son who is four months younger than yours just completed his second marathon.

And while I know I shouldn’t compare, and I know that there is actually no link between early motor milestones and later development (because the Daily Mail told me so), I still can’t help wanting my boy to get up and run down the hall, be able to follow the other babies around the playground, or walk on water.

That day will come I know, but as a mum I am full of concern.

Were your kids late to milestones?