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Two pregnant friends reveal just how different baby bumps can look at the same stage!

Stacey by Stacey
March 4th, 2016

Being pregnant at the same time as your bestie can be the BEST. Monty and I have two boys each and were pregnant only months apart. Our body types couldn’t be more different. Monty a petite little pocket rocket and me, a boyish muscly unit – so naturally when we fell pregnant the baby bumps were VERY different.

Monty looked like a pregnant woman from a magazine and I looked like a beached whale. People loved to point out how huge I was and how different Monty and I looked with comments like, “You sure you’re not having twins” or “are you sure you’re only two months apart.”

People feel they have the right to talk about how your baby bump looks…like all of a sudden the unspoken rule of never commenting on someones weight is thrown out the window.  The comparison of baby bumps makes women feel really uncomfortable and self conscious…when the reality is we are making REAL LIFE HUMANS! Who bloody cares how we look while they live inside us.

Chontel Duncan, a former Miss Universe finalist and popular Instagrammer, wanted to show how different baby bumps can look at the same stages of pregnancy so she posted this pic of her and her friend Nat – who is four weeks further along than Chontel.

Chontel captioned the image with, “Each woman carries different and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or unhealthy. We both have healthy growing babies and we’ve both had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing and full of energy.”

Our bodies, and our minds are different. We all carry babies differently, the important thing is that we love ourselves and our bodies for the way they perform for us. They are our vehicle to explore the world…and in this case our vehicle to create the most gorgeous mini humans ever. Cluck cluck…

Thanks for sharing Chontel, you both look seriously gorgeous!