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Dad defends his son with Down Syndrome in an incredibly emotional video…

Stacey by Stacey
March 3rd, 2016

Robb Scott has won the world over – his incredible video defending his son with Down Syndrome has gone viral and I have no doubt will make the world a better place.

Robb made this video after he overheard a conversation between a father and his two children while he was visiting the local movie store in Nova Scotia only a few days ago. The father and two kids were talking about a movie that had a character with Down Syndrome. One of the children asked the father, “What is Down Syndrome?”

The father said, Down Syndrome is an “illness of not knowing anything.”

Scott has a son with Down Syndrome and although he wanted to correct the father he decided not too. He couldn’t live with the regret so he decided to make this video. He said “I let that ignorance grow in another generation and failed my son in the process.”

He said he just wanted to reset what had happened…and he sure did.

This video is powerful…and will help enlighten people. I have a family member with Down Syndrome and it’s only when you live with them or have them as a huge part of your life that you realise what Down Syndrome actually is. I don’t blame this father of two girls for not knowing exactly how to explain what Down Syndrome is…I’m sure many people wouldn’t even know where to start. Knowledge is power and he clearly has no knowledge of Down Syndrome.

However, I do think we can explain things better to our children. Using the word ‘illness’ is not okay when we refer to ‘disabilities’ and our kids should not be told that…ever. People living with Down Syndrome are just that…people. It’s that simple. They may learn differently and have have a few extra challenges, but…they laugh the same and love the same. Isn’t the fact that we are all different what makes this world such a beautiful place?

Ignorance is from lack of knowledge…so let’s spread this video – help enlighten the world so our children are told the right things the first time.