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Dancers come in all shapes and sizes – we LOVE this!

Lizzie Marton by Lizzie Marton
January 20th, 2015

What comes to mind when you think of a dancer’s body? Slim, taught, toned?

This new and INCREDIBLE Aussie dance has been getting a lot of attention and I can’t bloody wait to see it for myself. Featuring plus-size performers, Nothing to Lose breaks away from stereotype and shatters the idea that a dancer must be slim in order to be beautiful.

The performers proudly shake their figures – in bid to prove that dancers’ bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Nothing to Lose

Director and choreographer Kate Champion teamed up with filmmaker Kelli Jean Drinkwater in order to explore and celebrate the movement of bigger bodies in the show, which will premiere later this month.

Kate said she was inspired to work with a ‘full cast of big-bodied dancers’ after noticing that her eyes were often drawn to the movements of larger people whenever she was near a dance floor.

‘I thought why aren’t we seeing that on stage more?’

She later enlisted Kelli to ensure the show wouldn’t be voyeuristic or exploitative.

Kate added that she hopes to create a space where the audience can view the plus-sized dancers in a ‘different way and actually just enjoy the physical form moving’.

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

This dance celebrates the strength and abundance of the physical form and we can’t get enough of it here at Show + Tell. Check out a sneak peek for yourself here:

Some of the incredible women we have had On The Couch have opened up about the impact of body image on their lives:

Jess Mauboy

Georgie Gardner 

Erika Haynatz

Sophie Monk

Justine Clarke

You can read more about this incredible dance and get tickets here. 

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