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The photo that has won the praise of the entire internet

Stacey by Stacey
October 12th, 2015

Now…these are the types of stories that need to be shared over and over and over again! It’s the photo that has literally won the praise of the entire internet and for good reason.

Godfrey Coutto is 21-years-old and was on his way home from a shift at a burrito restaurant in Canada when a man approached him on the bus and wanted to shake his hand. The man is Robert…he has cerebral palsy and is deaf. He didn’t want to let go of Godfrey’s hand the entire bus ride and instead hugged him and kissed his hands.

Initially, and I think quite understandably, Godfrey felt a little uneasy and was thinking perhaps he was being pranked but he soon realised that Robert “just needed some comfort.” Godfrey realised he was special needs and said “sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else’s needs above yours.” The picture was taken by another stranger that witnessed the beautiful act. Godfrey had no idea his picture had been taken and was completely unaware anyone even noticed.

The image brought me to tears. Having grown up in a family that is riddled with disability and the need for compassion from the public…it is just so incredible that a young boy noticed the needs of Robert and instead of instinctually feeling a tad uncomfortable and withdrawing he embraced the situation and gave Robert what he needed.

We need more of these people in the world. Disabled people are able to explore and do so much of what we all consider to be a part of our ‘normal’ day and sometimes just a little kindness and support from strangers can make their days much less full of worry, anxiety and fear.

Bravo to you Godfrey…I sure hope my son’s grow up to be as compassionate, lovely and aware as you are.