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Mother builds $3000 home jail for ice addicted son

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 1st, 2015

A desperate mother from the Queensland city of Rockhampton has made a last ditch attempt to save her 17-year-old son from his meth addiction.  In a move that could see her charged with ‘deprivation of liberty,’ she has paid $3000 for a custom-built cage inside her home, with metal bars on the windows and doors.

ice cage

This is a woman who has exhausted every possible avenue. A woman who has, literally, called every rehabilitation centre in the country to no avail, “You name them, I’ve rang them. They wouldn’t touch (him) because he is too suicidal.”

This is a woman who has watched her son be destroyed by drugs, who has seen him attempt suicide more than a dozen times. A woman who has tried everything she could to help him.

This is a mother desperate to save her child’s life.

While the woman has reported that her son isn’t exactly happy with the idea of the cage, for over a year he has been begging her for help.

I can’t honestly even imagine what it would be like to watch your child go through the horrors of drug addiction. To see them become a different person, to watch their body be ravaged and their mind destroyed by Ice. In her own words, this mother has said, “They’re almost not your child anymore, you don’t know where their heart is anymore. It’s not just my kid; there are lots of kids in Rockhampton with addictions. From bad homes and good homes, it is across the board.”

I don’t think a ‘cage’ is the answer for everyone, and certainly not to be used for just a rebellious child, but I think this woman is on to something. Provided law enforcement have inspected the area, it is safe, comfortable, and police are able to regularly check in with the family, how is this a bad thing? If the parent has the ability to care for their child in the safety of their own home, keeping them off the streets and away from harming themselves or someone else, isn’t this a good thing? A responsible thing?

In her own words, “You know your son is going to end up dead, or severely hurting himself of someone else. I am just one person begging for help and there is no one to help us.”

In my eyes, this woman is the definition of a truly incredible mother – one who will stop at nothing to see her child survive. In a world filled with children suffering the most abhorrent abuse at the hands of their parents, here is one fighting tooth and nail to protect their child.

I think this is a mother who should be commended and above all, supported, in her efforts. The situation is getting worse and in a time where it feels as though we’ve seemingly tried every road possible, maybe we need to consider some different options?

It might not be the answer for everyone, but it could be the answer for someone. And surely that ‘someone’ is worth saving, especially if it’s your own child.

What are your thoughts on this mother’s actions?