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FIVE different ways to recharge.

Carly Jacobs by Carly Jacobs
October 30th, 2014

It is getting to that time of year again when everything get’s crazy busy.

It seems to have started early this year though, October has been insane. I’m not trying to win the I’m So Busy Awards Here but if the I’m So Busy Awards existed, I would have won nearly every category this month including The Excess Interstate Travel Award, The Saying Yes To Everything Like A Chump Award and my personal favourite The Eating Tinned Things Way Too Often Award. A big old day off is really needed, but that aint going to happen, so I’ve been doing a few different things here and there that have been keeping me semi-sane and upright for most of the day. I thought I’d share them with you because you have probably been burning the candle at both ends like a bunch of manic little porcupines right?

On that note here are 5 Different Ways to Recharge Your Soul.

Stop talking!

Do you feel the desire to fill every bit of silence? You need to stop doing this when you’re feeling a bit low. Small talk is a soul killer so ditch it if you’re feeling a bit delicate. There is no need to make conversation with every taxi driver, sales assistant, mother in the car park or co-worker that walks past you.

sexRe watch a flick!

If you’re feeling energy depleted and you want to unwind a little but you don’t have the brain space for new information, just watch your favourite movie or a few episodes of a TV show you love. There’s something very comforting and relaxing about the repetition. Watching old episodes of Sex And The City is like meditation. Give it a go.


Eat your lunch in a different spot!

The daily grind can be a huge soul killer so try a different cafe, even a different table, or eat your sandwich with someone you don’t usually have lunch with. It can give you a little bit of an energy boost to get you through the busy day.

Take off your pants

This is a super weird one but a day doesn’t actually ‘finish’ until you take off your pants. It signals the end of stuff and the start of not-stuff. Create a physical cue that signals the end of the day. Clothing related cues are the best. Taking off your bra, putting on your tracksuit pants or getting all snuggly in your bathrobe. The earlier you can do this in the day when you’re feeling run down, the better.

Go to bed way before your bedtime and take a good book

It’s the ultimate indulgence when you’re busy but it is such a great soul soother. Jump into bed straight after dinner and read until you fall asleep. You’ll feel spectacular the next day. Guaranteed.

Do you have any tips on how to recharge as we head into the ‘silly’ season?

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