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For anyone who has ever called another person ‘ugly’…

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 7th, 2015

Having an online presence can open up a world of possibilities. It’s a place where you can take your talent and use it as a key to unlock your dreams; to open doors that had previously remained shut.

It can also open many unwanted doors; the kind that serve as a gateway for the cruelest and most dangerous kind of abuse. The kind that affords cowardly bullies a nameless, faceless voice to strike with the uninhibited viciousness that anonymity provides.

Now meet Em Ford. She is the incredibly successful London-based beauty blogger who runs a YouTube channel called My Pale Skin. Em’s videos provide a tonne of awesome make up tips for everyone, with a strong focus on concealing blemishes and problematic skin. You see, Em has acne.

Recently, she started posting make-up free selfies and videos of herself on her channel. The feedback she has received was shocking to say the least.

This amazing and successful young woman has taken control and released a video called ‘You Look Disgusting’ which reveals many of the comments she received from complete strangers in response to her videos.

The stirring and highly emotional video highlights Em’s genuine attempt to challenge society’s view of beauty in the hope of helping others feel comforable in their own skin. In stark contrast, it also shows the ugliest side of humans and their willingness to inflict hurt on one another through the barrier of a computer screen.

Have a look..

Em’s vulnerability is difficult to watch and the power behind those sickening comments is frightening; but somehow Em’s beauty and strength is what really shines through in this video and that is something worth celebrating.

Well done Em, we think you are amazing and totally gorgeous – inside and out.