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I secretly love my family has a tradition that doesn’t include me…

Monty by Monty
December 14th, 2015

This post is sponsored by Subway but the story is my honest feelings that I wanted to share with you.

There is nothing I love more than Saturday’s because I get the house to myself for a few hours. Seriously, it’s bliss. Sometimes I just sit like a big slob on the couch catching up on important shows like Keeping Up With The Kardash’s or I lay in bed breeding fleas. I don’t feel one bit of guilt waking in my own time and strolling through the SILENT house. I hang for Saturday mornings!

For many Aussie families, Saturday mornings are for SWIMMING LESSONS! The activity that many dads and tots do together to bond and have fun and get wet while mum’s stay home or sit on the sidelines – dry. I ain’t wetting my locks for no one!

It has become a bit of a tradition in our house that every Saturday morning Sam, my partner, takes our boys to the local swimming pool, they do their lesson and then they go on little adventures. It is the bee’s knees for several reasons. The main one being that Sam works long hours during the week so it’s his time to soak in the boys, and…the kids burn off some energy while learning to become mini Thorpedo’s, and I get a kid and man free zone for a few hours. It’s a win win situation I reckon.

This little Saturday morning tradition we have going on is the only way we can get our four year old to sleep on a Friday night. We bribe him with swimming class (they get stickers each time they put their head under) and the lure of a post-swim lunch at Subway. I never knew a four-year-old could be so bang up for a sanga. He won’t have a bar of my homemade ones, but let him walk along the counter pointing at the array of colourful salad fillings he wants in his mini sub and he will devour it all! Apparently I need a Subway bain-marie to get my kids to eat.

I love this little ritual my fam has going on (without me). It works so bloody well for all of us and…the added bonus is my boys come home SO exhausted and with full bellies (and full of the good stuff like salad and vegies!!). Sometimes I even pull off the double kid nap. Seriously, how much do you feel like you are winning at life when you get your kids napping at the exact same time? It feels like a small miracle I can still get my four-year-old to nap at all, let alone at the same time as my one-year-old!

I wish everyday were a Saturday. Evil mummy, don’t want my kids or partner anywhere near me. Ha!

*The boys get The KidsPak every Saturday. It includes a mini sub, a strawberry SPC Fruit Crush and a Disney Pixar 350ml bottle of Mount Franklin water. It is perfect for fussy little eaters, which I have plenty of. The bonus is it’s a nutritious fast food option, which is always handy!  You can find out more by visiting here.

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