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Five ways to stay fresh this Spring!

Stacey by Stacey
October 23rd, 2015

It’s around about this time every year that I get the panics on. Some people spring clean, I spring stress.This season is basically the entrée to Summer. We get a bite sized taste of what’s to come, and as much as that excites me, it makes me a teeny bit anxious as well. I tip myself into the typical girl category big time when it comes to the warmer weather. I’m basically a hibernating bear during the colder months and then Spring sneaks up on me and I realise it’s all about socialising and cute dresses and to most people that is the bee’s knee’s, to me that is stressful. I’m such a wild social party pig aren’t I?

So this year I reuse to let things like my pale hairy legs and slight form of social awkwardness get in the way of this cracking time of year.

Here are five things I am bang up for this spring:

  • IMG_3580

    Brooke rocking the white jeans

    White jeans. Big call. Huge in fact. Some are partial to them, others are completely anti them. I see both sides of this argument but I’m telling you white jeans with a nice denim shirt or casual t-shirt looks a million bucks. I have invested in two pairs purely because mini hands around white jeans is not ideal. They look fresh and hot on everyone. No matter what size you are, get these bad boys on your butt.

  • Blood Oranges. These babies are BLISS. I have about 642 in my fridge at any one time. They are so sweet and so delish and only come to play when it is this time of year. They are such an underrated fruit. The forgotten cousin of the orange or mandarin. I’m telling you peeps, blood oranges are where its at!

(Please note: This post is brought to you by Gloria Jean’s, but this all totes my opinions etc. M)

  • I love coffee. Sometimes I think I love a delicious brew more than the children I grew and birthed. However my coffee obsession has altered slightly. I don’t always feel like a hot drink when it is warm outside, but I still want my caffeine hit. The Blueberry Sparkling Coffee is a newbie at Gloria Jean’s Coffees. It is a refreshing tasty sparkling way to have a coffee. Who knew coffee and blueberry danced so well together?
  • eyeBlue eyeliner. Yikes, did I just take us back to the 80’s? Yes, yes I think I did. Don’t screw your nose up so quickly. The other day my friend came over and when she blinked I could see a fine line of  ‘electric blue’ along her eye. It was a thin perfect line of blue beauty. It looked incredible and I quickly decided it would be my make-up go-to for spring. Don’t knock it until you give it a crack. Start slowly with this, maybe try it for a night-time dinner and then rip out the glamour eyes for the day BBQ when you have your confidence up. It is a head turner… and in a good way.
  • Bling on your earlobes. There are so many fab earrings getting around. It’s like they went into hibernation since the late 90’s and now they are BACK. And they are better than ever. Some bling hanging from your ears can jazz up the most casual of outfits.

So here is my suggestion for you. To be rocking it better than the cool kids this Spring, pop your white jeans on, your blue eyeliner and dangly earrings and sip on a Blueberry Sparkling Coffee in between nibbling on a blood orange. Damn gurl!


Brooke and I sipping Blueberry Sparkling Coffee

*Gloria Jean’s NEW Blueberry Sparkling Coffee has no added flavouring other than the actual blueberry coffee mixed with sparkling water, it’s available now.