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Some fun little facts about some fabulous Aussie women

Lizzie Marton by Lizzie Marton
February 18th, 2015

Here in Australia we have some bloody incredible women who inspire us! We love learning new info about the ladies we look up to – so we thought we would do some digging and bring you some things you may not know about a few of the Aussie women we adore. This list could stretch on forever but here’s our pick of the FIVE  Aussie chicks we all know who push boundaries, create change and motivate us to kick some ass.

Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore

Career started: Carrie began her career as a newsreader on 92.9FM in Perth where she began as an emergency fill-in for a sick colleague and after this she was appointed as a regular newsreader for the station. Carrie moved to Melbourne in 2001 and became the afternoon news reader on Nova 100, and just a year later was hosting her own show on the station with Andy Ross!

Mum of: Oli (born in 2007) who will soon have a sibling! Carrie announced on The Project in October last year that she is pregnant with her second child.

Something you may not know about Carrie: Carrie has started her own hash tag #bickkicks showing us what she wears under the desk on The 7PM Project…and it is very different to what is shown on the TV screen! We love this!

Carrie Bickmore Instagram

Why we love her: Because having a strong, brave and funny woman present the news with such personality each night is so refreshing! Carrie speaks her mind and tells us the news of the day with emotion that is absent in most news rooms.

Kate Langbroek

kate laangbroek

Career started: Kate began her career in radio with the Triple R Breakfasters in 1995 before moving to Nova 100 for the Hughesy and Kate show in 2001!

Mum of: Lewis Jan, Sunday Lil, Art Honore and Jan Allen

Something you may not know about Kate: Kate starred in neighbours as Libby Markham in 1990…

Why we love her: Because she is real and incredibly intelligent. She is wickedly fun and a tad naughty and never have we met anyone who is so comfortable in their own skin.

Chrissie Swan

Chrissie Swan

Career started: Chrissie’s first began working in copywriting before appearing on television in 2003 as a contestant on the reality TV series Big Brother Australia. Chrissie then began working in breakfast radio in Queensland in late 2003.

Mum of: Leo, Kit and Peg

Something you may not have known: Chrissie makes the worlds best pulled pork ever. It is to die for. She also has a ridiculous amount of musical knowledge.

Why we love her: Because she is an authentic and strong woman She adores her children and manages to have a stella career while being a present mamma.

Ita Buttrose

Ita Buttrose

Career Started: Ita became a copygirl for the Australian Women’s Weekly at just 15, and by the age of 23 she was made editor of the women’s pages of The Daily Telegraph.

Mum of: Kate and Ben MacDonald

Something you may not know about Ita: She was the youngest person to have been appointed editor of the Weekly.

Why we love her: While most Australians reaching retirement age are looking forward to travelling, sleeping in and taking up lawn bowls, at 73, Ita has no plans of slowing down! Ita is at the helm of Studio 10 five days a week and continues to advocate for multiple charities and causes…

Which Aussie woman inspires you?

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