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The perfect night- my girls, food and reality tv

Monty by Monty
September 24th, 2015

Majority of my time is spent at home. I work from home, plonk my kids in front of the TV at home and when the weekends role around you can find me…at home.

I am bang up for ‘couch parties’ at my place which is just a razzle dazzle way of saying ‘let’s sit on my couch and eat take away together’. There are no balloons and even shoes are optional at my couch parties, so there is little to none of the second word involved but there is lots of ‘couch’.

It’s a serious treat when a magical miracle happens and my nearest and dearest gal pals are all available on the same night. The biggest thing that connects me with my girls is that they are massive home bodies like me. We are a wild bunch. Being busy dames with a squillion offspring between us means that our catch ups are few and far between now. Gone are the good old days of spontaneous hang outs. So when we get together we often opt for one of these world famous couch parties. This gives us the chance to sit in comfort and catch up with no child, toy or cruskit in sight. Sometimes we power chat and catch up on whose kid can now wipe their own ass and other times we just binge on some trash TV in silence. That’s what real friendship is right? I mean I want to be able to talk the talk with my buds but damn straight I want to watch The Bachelorette with them too (That show has got me HOOK LINE AND SINKER, you?)


Me and Zoe Marshall

It was a no brainer for me to jump on board the Cancer Councils Girls Night In, little to NO persuasion was needed because I am a firm believer that cancer sucks serious balls and on top of that a girls night in is fabulous food for the soul, even when brain rotting TV is involved. My beautiful 3pm radio co-host Zoe Marshall and I are the ambassadors for this night. Zoe lost her mum to breast cancer when she was 21-years-old.  For that reason and many more, we wanted to jump on board something that is so important to us.

The Girls Night In is a part of Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon, which in 2015 aims to raise $7 million nationally. Every day in Australia, around 50 women are diagnosed with breast or a gynaecological cancer. Which is serious bullshit. The money raised from Cancer Council’s Girls’ Night In helps fund world-class research into women’s cancers, cancer prevention and advocacy programs, and support services to help those affected by women’s cancers.

So here is what I propose, if you have boobs and a va jay jay as Oprah would say, in October put a night in your dink diary and get together with your girls. This is a great excuse for some of that much desired catch up time, celebrate how bloody lucky we are to have each other and raise some awareness and cashola for something that affects so many of us, too many of us.

The night can be whatever your heart desires, as you can imagine mine will be wild. Pizza and Kardashians are on the agenda.

If this is something that floats your boat click here and register. You will get a hosting night kit sent to you and can look forward to some time with your rockin damsels.

Sometimes the world of cancer feels overwhelming and out of our hands, but the best thing we can do is raise the bucks and awareness so we can get these stats lower.

If at any time you need further information, buzz events hotline on 1300 65 65 85.