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I think I missed the memo…is gym gear is the new mummy uniform?

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
September 24th, 2015

Are you are firm believer in gym gear being everyday wear, because let’s admit it…is damn comfortable, or do you park yourself on the side where gym gear is only for the gym?

This year when picking up my daughter from school I looked around and realised that there must have been a memo I missed – that you MUST wear gym gear to school pick-up. Surely I wasn’t the only parent that hadn’t spent two hours in the gym prior to picking up my children. Suddenly my breakfast encrusted jeans felt very inadequate.

I just added it to the list of all the things I had to feel guilty about, but then I started to notice gym gear is everywhere. At the shops, cafes, even work meetings. When are people finding ALL this time to start exercising 24/7?

And then I realised it’s not about actually exercising but the APPEARANCE of having exercised or maybe just easier to dress in this rather than find an outfit that is comfortable? Phew – guilt alleviated.

Sydney all girl comedy group Skit Box have made a HILARIOUS video about the new trend of active wear being everywhere wear. This song is for all the women who wear gym gear at inappropriate times. For all those that are actually going to the gym, gym wear is still ok.

Where do you think it is ok to wear gym gear? Do you wear gym gear as your every day attire?