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SIX parenting hacks that will change your life

Stacey by Stacey
March 3rd, 2016

This post is sponsored by National Home Doctor Service. We chose to do this post because we have used this service on several occasions and think it is ACE!

Having two kids means all my energy and time is sucked into their self indulgent vortex, so any tips that make life a little easier I am all over like a massive keeno. Parenting hacks are my latest obsession…and by obsession I mean that I do an obscene amount of Google time and then a lot of testing. It makes me feel enlightened and also helpful when I share these top-notch tips I have stumbled upon with any human that will listen.

So please get your grey-lead pencil and notepad out and write these babies down. They actually work and will impress the pants off your friends. You will look so learned. You are so very welcome.

1. Marshmallows now have a better use than burning them over a campfire once every 10 years or, as the annoying accompaniment that comes with every babycino (they send my kids loco). Marshmallows actually help ease a painful sore throat. Who knew? Now you do.…shove ‘em in people. Never has a sore throat tasted so delish.


2. This one’s a whopper – Pop that Vodka lid off pronto – there is another incredible use for this little bevi. It removes grass stains, carpet stains; couch stains and pretty much anything covered in fabric.

Just put Vodka on a white towel and dab it directly on the stain and voila!… Bob’s your uncle….stain be gone. Then pop it in the wash so you don’t smell like a boozehound all day.


3. Get your little babe to sleep in less than a minute…this mum is a genius. This incredible technique really could have saved all of us from losing our marbles.

4. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard the word ‘muummmmmmmm’ echoing from the bathroom. To avoid the never-ending screech of panic, tie an elastic band around the handles of the door… it just makes sure it never closes properly. The smart cookie who made this up probably had kids that loved sipping on toilet water. We thank you!


5. The old ‘turn-EVERYTHING-into –a-game’ trick…this works without fail, every time. Get your kids to be a little more helpful around the house by turning household chores into games like this one – just tape a square onto the ground and challenge your kids to sweep the dirt off the floor into it. Genius!


Bonus hack for you:

Get an App on your phone called National Home Doctor Service.

This is a service that sends a doctor to your front door after hours. Pure genius right? We all know most people get sick at the worst times. My kids seem to get sick at approx 5.31pm, when the doc’s is closed. We often fry our brains trying to decide whether it warrants a hospital emergency department visit and by the time we decide to go it’s 2am. Paranoia be gone…there is now a doctor home visiting service available at night, on the weekend and on public holidays ….and the best part is – the home visit is bulk billed, so you don’t pay a thing.

***National Home Doctor Service doctors are on the road from 6pm weeknights, Saturdays before 8am and after 12pm, all day Sundays and public holidays. They BULK BILL everyone with a Medicare or Gold DVA card, so the visit doesn’t cost anything. It is perfect for those pesky illnesses that may not need an emergency department visit but most certainly need to be seen by a doctor. From gastro, fevers, ear infections, rashes, asthma, and croup, National Home Doctor can treat everything your GP would – just during the hours when they aren’t available.

Important info for you to note:

On average, 80% of patients are seen within two hours of the booking being confirmed. They also send a report to your GP the following day, to keep them updated.