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I’m taking on a four week hair challenge. Time to get this bad boy into gear

Monty by Monty
April 24th, 2015

This post is brought to you by Schwarzkopf

The other week I wrote about how I’m in a bit of a looks slump. It’s such a snooze hearing people complain about feeling ugly and fat….blah blah blah. Seriously, zip it up and get some real problems.

But, right now I am that person. That pesty bloody painful whinger.

Eight months after bebe number two, I still don’t recognise my body. All my clothes are fitting me like lycra and now the weather is cooling down, my skin has resorted back to being so white that I’m basically translucent. If you see a pale grump in lycra jeans two sizes too small walking down the street, give her a wide berth or she will whinge your ear off.

To make myself feel a little prettier and a tad more MILF like, I chopped off my locks into a lob (long bob) the other week. This could have gone either way; I could have sunk further into the looks slump or loved my new locks sick. Luckily I have fallen into the second category and the chop has given me the pick me up in the looks department I was after. Dare I say it but I’m starting to feel a lil’ pretty again.

Since cutting my hair, I have started paying it more attention too. I was always a slacker when it came to my locks. Because it was so long I just would whip it up in a topknot and that was that. So when Schwarzkopf asked me if I would be up for giving their Hair Happiness challenge a crack I said “why bloody not!” This is a four week hair challenge, similar to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation but with way less sweating and it only takes a third of the time. My kinda challenge.

The hair happiness challenge is all about whipping your locks into shape over four weeks to minimise bad hair days because bad hairs are all forms of shit! Bad hair days mean bad mood days (or am I just being dramatic again?)

IMG_0971 - Copy

So here, I find myself at week one of the hair happiness challenge. I am ready to take this bad boy on. Be gone shit hair, welcome onto my head luscious glorious, full of body locks that everyone will want to stroke.

In week one of this challenge you do your Hair-Horoscope to find out what type of hair you have and what little things will help make it look more like Ariel’s from The Little Mermaid (best hair EVER).

Doing your hair horoscope takes about 35 seconds; it is literally as simple as answering four questions about your HAIR! They are easy too. I didn’t even need to phone a friend.

My Hair Horoscope was categorised as Blooming lovely. Blooming oath it was. With this horoscope I was told the best products to use to achieve mermaid hair (do mermaids have lobs?). So, over the next four weeks I will be using easy peasy Schwarzkopf products to make my locks GLORIOUS. With my lob I’m all about getting some serious body. Flat lobs are icky; it’s all about vaVOOM! So over the next three weeks I will be trialling Push Up Shampoo, Push Up Conditioner and Ultimate Colour Leave-In Conditioner. I’m going to do some bonding with my hair. We are going to become so close I may even cry when this challenge is over. Being a time poor mamma bear, the hair happiness challenge caters to my time poorness as well.

I don’t like to do things solo, I need a tribe of fabulous dames doing this challenge with me. You wanna? It is easy and fun and we are totally going to look SMOKIN hot after we finish it. Who needs to fit into clothes when you have hair like Ariel?

Hair lovers let’s get this challenge cranking. Not only will everyone want to kiss our hair when we complete it but you can also win a Beginning Boutique voucher valued at $50 (there are loads of them to be won each week) OR the big kahuna prize of lunch and a styling session with Zanitta Whittington and $500 spending money .

Just sign up for the Hair Happiness Challenge at and let’s all be happy and hairy.