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The hairdresser using SWORDS and FIRE to cut hair

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
December 21st, 2015

There’s seriously nothing better than a good haircut; the way you feel when your locks are looking fresh and funky can give you an extra swing in your step and that all-important confidence boost that comes with knowing that your hair be lookin’ fine.

Before I met my incredible hairdresser in chorlton, I took it on the advice of a friend with great hair to try hers. It was one of those salons that plays super loud music and the owner was known for being a bit of an eccentric character. So, when I asked for something “a bit choppy,” I nearly fell off my chair when he returned with some cut glass and started hacking into my hair like a wild man.

If I thought my hair copping a bottling was cray-cray (even though the results were surprisingly good), I recently found out that that was conservative compared to THIS guy.

Alberto Olmedo’s salon in Madrid is known for cutting hair with….wait for it….swords and fire. FIRE! He even dons some serious looking Edward Scissorhands/Freddy Kruger/Wolverine style claws at one point, as well as rocking a pretty snazzy looking samurai suit.

Watch as this hair master goes medieval on these women’s hair.

 What was the strangest haircut you’ve ever had?