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We’ve got $10,000 of cold hard cash for you to WIN. BIG squeal!!!

Stacey by Stacey
October 14th, 2015

It is SO much easier said than done we know, but here at Show + Tell we try our hardest to soak up those little mini moments of uplift that help get us through our day.

These little moments are often the smallest of things like, hearing our kids wild cackles when we tickle them, having a great convo with our besties, sipping on a COLD Diet Coke and a parcel from online shopping arriving at the door (BEST feeling).

The main reason we started Show + Tell two-and-a-half years ago was so we could reach women and encourage them to take a minute to enjoy the small things in life.  So…we have joined forces with Diet Coke and together we are cheering you on to make a Pinterest board that shows us how you let your lighter side out, just like ours here.

The winning board wins cash. Cold Hard Cash! Like $10,000 big kahuna’s to help make your pinterest board come to life. Cha Chinggggg! Us Show + Tell girls will be picking the winning board…(we will accept bribes*).

To enter the ‘My Diet Coke Lighter Side’ comp just click here. The comp starts TODAY, so start pinning and good luck.

*Apparently bribes are against the spirit, so none accepted! Sorry!

Brooke clearly letting her lighter side out...cheeky devil!

Brooke clearly letting her lighter side out…cheeky devil!

The competition will close on Sunday, October 25th and we will announce the winner in November.  All Terms and Conditions are available here.