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Four of the truly UNfabulous things that happened to me when I was pregnant with my boys

Monty by Monty
August 25th, 2016
hay fever

This piece is proudly supported by GSK Australia as part of the Hay Fever Help education campaign, but everything in this piece is (unfortunately) all true.

OMG some weird stuff happened to my body when I was preggo with my two babies. I’m not talking about just my expanding belly and bresticles either. Some things went on with my kit and kaboodle that blew my small mind. You may relate to one or two of these things if you have also grown a human…you may also completely un-relate and deem me a nutbag.

  1. One of the reasons I knew I was pregnant the first time round was due to the crazy amount of sweating I was doing. I don’t even know if this is a sign of pregnancy or not but one day I wasn’t a big sweater and then the next day and the nine months that followed I turned into a sweat machine. It was foul to say the least. I quickly learnt to take deodorant and a spare top with me everywhere I went. And don’t even talk to me about sleeping. My sheets were constantly damp and I insisted on having the air conditioner up full bolt, even though it was winter outside.
  1. My eyebrows looked like they were on steroids. I have a mono-brow at the best of times, but when I was preg, I looked like a foul version of Freda. I know big brows are rather fab at the mo, but what was growing above my eyes was anything but awesome. I basically grew a slab of hair that ran right across both eyes and the bridge of my nose. If I didn’t pluck daily it was a disaster zone. Who knew!
hay fever

Excess pregnancy body hair is the best. NOT.

  1. While on the hair chat, my leg hairs turned super dark. I grew up with relatively blonde hairs and loved this as it meant shaving was optional, however I witnessed my leg hairs do some reverse balayage until they were almost turned jet black, and the beauty of this is that even post-birth they have remained dark and course. Oh the joys of pregnancy and what it leaves behind.
  1. I have always watched on with pity as several of my friends have turned into snotty, itchy-eyed messes due to hay fever each season. I felt almost smug thinking that I had avoided the hay fever bullet (over 3 million Aussies suffer from it). Not sure what brought it on but it hit me like a tonne of bricks, or a packet of itching powder poured directly into my eyes. It was beyond irritating and made me agitated, annoyed and turn into a whale of a recluse. Luckily the hay fever didn’t stick around like the leg hair but I pity anyone who lives with it every year. If you have hay fever, definitely consider seeing your GP who can help you. Some people feel silly seeing a doctor for hay fever but it is totally worth it. Especially when self-management with over the counter treatments may not have worked for you. I lived with it for a short amount of time and it was far from fun, there is more you can do for it if you are a sufferer. Ha chewww.

Pregnancy, I loved you dearly because at certain points you injected me with euphoric endorphins and the end game resulted in beautiful, delicious smelling mini humans, but my god you can be bizarre and do extremely odd things to a ladies body.

And if you desire to see my jet black leg hairs, just holla, I’ll send you a private pic.

*If you suffer from hay fever visit www.HayFeverHelp.com.au to check the daily pollen count and find out more information. You can also join the conversation on social media by using #HayFeverHelp.

And book an appointment with your GP to chat about appropriate management and treatment options.