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Like most mum’s I run on empty. Time to change things a bit…

Stacey by Stacey
March 1st, 2016

This post is brought to you by Bupa ‘Make a difference to your health in 2016’ but all thoughts are completely our own and these tips are 100% what we do to stay healthy.


Life is so bloody full on isn’t it? Seriously, kids be demanding, work be busy, husband wanna chat, plants want some water. STOP! I have been sucked up by the vortex and forgot that the thing running all this shit is an actual human, that human being ME! Like most multi-tasking mum’s I spend about .2 of a second on myself approximately every second week, and even that is usually interrupted by needing to unwrap a muesli bar for a snotty offspring.

So I am doneksi running on an empty tank. I want to bring a little three letter word back into my life. JOY! On top of that I want to feel and stay healthy cause if this human conks out, it has a big ass ripple effect. Chatting with one of my besties we made a little pledge to each other that we would incorporate just a few little things into our day that makes us feel a little happier and our minds and bods a little healthier.

You might want to get in on this too. I am about to become so bloody joyous and healthy and awesome. It’s my year to make a difference to my health which means slowing down the mind and moving the bod a little more.

1. Add ‘do absolutely bloody nothing’ to the ever-growing annoying to-do list. You have one, we all do. Don’t add it the bottom of the list though cause that means it ain’t ever happening. Sit for five minutes in silence, sip on a cup of tea or your kids left over juice box. You’re not being lazy, you are just filling up your sanity bucket. It’s like gourmet food for the soul.

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2. Hug the shit out of the people you love ALL. THE. TIME. Our days are long and tiring so stopping yourself to just give someone a hug is therapeutic and absolutely necessary! It can also release oxytocin, which is a fancy word for something that makes you feel good.

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3. Skip. No, not with a skipping rope, like how you did when you were a kid. You may feel like a complete and utter nutcase but you just can’t be in a bad mood when you skip. Monty and I randomly started skipping the other day and we were pissing our pants laughing (and quite literally…don’t judge – our kids have smashed our lady parts). Fact- you can’t not be happy when you skip.


4. Cook…and yes we know how annoying the ‘what are we having for dinner’ chat is so steer this advice far from that mind space. Do it when you have no pressure or hungry belly deadline. Focus on the feeling and the texture of food, smell it, look at it and play with it. Having your mind completely focused on something like this is a form of active mediation. It takes you out of your head and into the present moment. Make something you love so your body and mind can squeal in utter delight (and we will never judge you if pancakes or toast are what you wanna make).


5. As silly as it sounds, when you wake up…SMILE!! A friend told me she does this and I thought she was bat shit crazy. But I have given it a go the past week and it immediately puts you in a better frame of mine. It’s a little brain tricker. Big smile first thing, try it.


We would love to hear some new little tips you’re doing to improve your health and wellness in 2016…share away. Oh…and check out the Bupa website to see more about their awesome tips and tools to help you make a difference to your health this year!