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Why I had to cancel on Kim Kardashian…

Monty by Monty
January 27th, 2015

My heart broke a little for Solange Knowles when I heard that she broke out in hives on her wedding day late last year. Not even the morning of it, but during the actual bash. Apparently she danced so hard she over heated and her hives sprouted everywhere. Seriously, what are the odds? There are 365 days in the year, the old hivo’s could have picked any other day to position themselves on her face, but they chose THAT day. Let the lady dance in peace hives and rack right off.

I hate it when I hear things like that. When you are looking so forward to something and then the day finally arrives, and rotten things likes hives crop up and your day is ruined.


Solange on her wedding day – with her hives breakout

A good friend of mine suffers from bad cold sores. They are hideous things, they pop up whenever he is stressed, over tired or gets a little too much sun on the old lips. He feels a little tingle and then BAM, within minutes there is a mini beast on his lip. It makes him feel really self-conscious and before you can say a thing he points it out like a big disclaimer.

He had managed to get them under control for while though, he was doing all one should do to stop a cold sore from sprouting. It had been six months since his last attack so he was feeling good.

Then while he was on top of the world and cold sore free, he landed an interview for his dream job. This was a big deal, he had been razzling and dazzling this company for years. To even get a response in an email was a massive deal, so the fact he was getting a face to face interview for a possible position was huge. Super huge. Clearly the adrenalin combined with nerves and a drizzle of stress made his nemesis reappear. On the morning of the interview there wasn’t just one cold sore on his lip, but THREE of them. Big badass ones too. They had also decided to reside in his nose. His face was a mess.

Whoever interviewed him was a seriously good person, because they overlooked his odd looking face and he landed the job. I like to think I would have hired him looking like that too, but truth be told I’m too superficial.

Please note this is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are mine.

I’ve had my fair share of these bad timing annoyances too. Mine is ALWAYS in the form of a headache. The biggest pest in the world is the old ache in the head. Mine usually come on from tight and tense muscles in my head and neck, this is the most common cause for headaches. When these bad boys get a little out of wack it can result in a cracking headache. I have suffered from them since I was 11, and sure enough whenever I’m looking forward to something, WAM, my head turns on me. I have been known to hyperventilate if I leave the house with out my silver little packet of Nurofen Zavance, (these bad boys are absorbed up to twice as fast as regular Nurofen).

Working in radio, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few celebs, some cool, some super underwhelming. But being a massive fan of reality television, whenever the opportunity would pop up to interview a reality star I would lose my marbles.

My co-host at the time Ryan Shelton interviewing MY Kim.

My co-host at the time Ryan Shelton interviewing MY Kim.

The big Kahuna of reality stardom was coming to town, Ms Kimmy K (Pre Kanye). As a loud and proud fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this news was ridiculously exciting to me.

I was asked to do a one on one with Kim. I was told I would have eight glorious minutes to form a bond with her and then naturally get invited to join them for a Sunday Roast when I was next in LA.

I was prepped to chat all things fabulously unimportant. I was faked tanned and eyelshased to the hills.

The morning of my scheduled 480 seconds with Kim, my alarm went off and my eyes popped open. Then they quickly shut. The world around me was spinning. And fast. I knew what this meant straight away. There would be no lamb eaten with the Kardashians any time soon because a monster headache had set in and I had to cancel. I cried. I wish I was joking.

Headaches suck big time and I will never allow another to come in between me and another Kardashian ever again.

I really should call Solange so we can whinge to each other about our face and head shortcomings.

* If you suffer from headaches try Nurofen Zavance, even though this is a sponsored post I whole heartedly find this product a winner winner chicken dinner and use them every time my head plays up.  Nurofen Zavance is for the temporary relief of pain and/or inflammation. Please always read the label and use only as directed, as incorrect use could be harmful. Also if symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional