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Do you go on holidays without your kids?

Monty by Monty
November 18th, 2016

After heaving my precious tots out, I have only really spent one maybe two nights away from them max. I happily ship them off for sleep-overs at their Grandparents, but it’s only ever for one night at a time.

So when my friend asked me if I was up for four nights away with her in Noooosa (you have to say it like that), I felt a little unsure…but within a few seconds screamed “Hell YES”.  Her dad has an apartment there so accommodation was free (win) and her being childless meant that I just HAD to leave my rat bags at home too (win win).

The second I booked my flights I felt a bit panicky though. What if I get to paradise and pine for my offspring the whole time? Am I being a bad mum going away for four nights without my family? What if one of them breaks a neck or shits the bed on my mums watch, I would feel awful.

momThat familiar feeling of the bitch that is mothers guilt crept in and stayed with me right up until I got on the plane.

It was at that moment when I sat down in my chair with my ear phones on and a mag in my mitts that I realised I had quite possibly made the best decision of my life.

The last time my derrière was on a plane seat, I had two kids climbing all over me. Flights with kids are my version of living hell. They always turn into monstrous pests on plane rides.

As I sat reclined with ear phones on and scrolling through insta like I was on crack, I felt freeeeee.

For the next four days I laid pool side only having to lather sunscreen on my own snoz. I ate my own meal without having to share it and I slept in until after the sun came up. For four days I had life with no obligations. There was no other human to keep alive or entertain and I realised how much I missed that feeling of freedom. I didn’t miss my kids. At all. Like not even for a second.

As I sat on the plane this time with the nose of it pointing towards home, I felt super grateful. What a seriously wild four days (of doing nothing) I’d just had. There is nothing more rewarding and special to me than being a mum to my kids, but I also need a little time to not be ‘on’. I didn’t realise just how important it is to get a little R&R, sans rug rats.

I’m going to do it weekly now, in fact I’m moving to Noosa…by myself.

Have you been away from your kids? How did it go?