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You guys, I did a home hair dye job… it’s WAY better than this

Monty by Monty
June 15th, 2015

Sponsored by Schwarzkopf

When I was 16 I was bang up for a home hair job! I would colour my own hair like a demon. I flirted with a bleached fringe (foul), also, red, pink, black and everything in between. I was fearless in the hair department. My mum hated my hair liberation as her squeaky clean white bathroom looked like it was taken over by Picasso.

I was reckless, wild and free.

Then I grew up and got vain and precious about my locks. I would rarely colour my hair due to my detest of sitting at the hairdresser’s for five hours, not to mention my wallet weeping as I left the salon. I just grew my hair long and left it rather ‘a la naturale’ for some time.

Now I have hit 33, my loins have passed two mini human’s, and maybe I am going through a quarter life crisis, but I am bang up for experimenting with my strands.

I was invited by Schwarzkopf to do a little self dying at their colour studio. I bawked at them to start with and then realised it is actually a pretty straight forward, easy and quick process. So I said sure, let’s colour this bad boy.

I attempted two looks. My own mitts did it all by themselves and dare I say it, I even quite enjoyed it. It is a handy little home process if you are time poor, want to change up your look in an easy way, or even if you are bored on a rainy Sunday arvo.

Below are my before and after pics, the colours I opted for and the simple steps to achieve this look. If green and copper doesn’t rock your socks off there are squillions of other colours for you to choose.

To get yo self a head full of Warm Moccha:

Step 1. Prep your colour

Unlike my 16 year old self, I covered up my clothes, popped on gloves and actually read the instructions.

Step 2. Zig to the Zag

I zig zagged my hair like a pro from temple to temple. (Doing this zig zag is what helps to get a two tone look.)

Step 3. Mix your potion

I added the cream developer to the Live Salon Permanent Dark Blonde then shook it like a polaroid picture. I did the same with the Oleo Intense Warm Copper.

Step 4. Apply to your locks

I applied the dark blonde to the underneath part of my hair and evenly (so mature of me) rubbed it in from the roots to the ends.

I then unclipped the top of my zig zag and applied the warm copper to the top part.

Step 5. Just dance.

Or sit and have a coffee, pick your nose or write to your celebrity crush for half an hour while the colour soaks into your hair. I will not share what one of these I did to pass the time.  Then rinse, style and WORK IT.

To get yo self some copper with green dip dye:


I resisted doing my armpit hair green too

Step 1. Same as above 

Step 2. Apply yo Colour

Apply the Copper 7-77 to your hair and make sure you stop before you get all the way to the ends. (Maybe a couple of inches)

Let this bad boy process for 20 minutes and then apply Live Green Glory to the ends and massage it in romantically.

Let this process for a further 10-15 minutes then rinse your hair and style like you are about to take the cat walk.

Doing a colour in the comfort of your own home doesn’t need to be daunting.

Give it a crack and enjoy the process and outcome.

If you want to check out myself and other babes colouring their locks head to the Schwarzkopf Style Studio. When you are checking out the vids you can also enter to win yourself a Beginning Boutique voucher valued at $50 (there are loads of them to be won) OR the big kahuna prize of lunch and a styling session with Zanitta Whittington and $500 spending money .