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This Dad’s demonstration on how-to get your baby to sleep is HYSTERICAL!

Stacey by Stacey
June 1st, 2016

If you’re a parent and anything like me you’ve probably read every bloody book ever created when it comes to getting your baby to sleep. (loads of them a waste of bloody time)

I’ve lost count of the amount of tips I have read and tried. Barely any work in ‘real-life’ and quite frankly it made me a little crazier than I was before I started this sleep deprived journey of parenthood.

The reality is what worked for me in the end might not work for someone else because every kid is different and every parent has different ways to do things. And let’s be honest, kids are master manipulators…they are born with the ability to make us look like absolute wankers. Thankfully, we can keep most of it within our own four walls.

When I spotted this video that was just released by Dad and popular blogger How To Dad in New Zealand I had real tears running down my face. Yes, he’s taking the piss but he’s also speaking right to the heart of EVERY tip we have ever tried to get our bloody offspring to sleep.

This little girl might be the sweetest thing I have EVER seen – and her Dad is just as sweet…

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