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How to make Groundhog Day less groundhogy.

Ashe Davenport by Ashe Davenport
March 6th, 2013

Five cans of tuna, ready-washed spinach leaves, yoghurt, vita wheats. Oh go on, have a nectarine. The work lunch supermarket shop can get you down when you’re not happy at your job. Each can of tuna represents a day of your life. A day spent writing emails and sipping coffee and ‘moving your car’, even though it was stolen months ago. You have a vague career plan that involves the job you have now, plus you’re saving for a mid-year mini break – but is it worth your soul and general happiness?

The truth is we all have our dream jobs and lives – mine is to dance through the audience of my own talk show like Ellen – but they don’t just mysteriously happen. You have to work really hard to get to where you want to be. Try a whole bunch of non-dream jobs and learn and try and fail and NETWORK – it’s not a dirty word.

In the meantime, here are some coping mechanisms to help sooth your soul while working a mediocre 9-5.

  • Get up half an hour before you normally do and read the newspaper (the one made out of actual paper). Think of it as proof that it’s not actually Groundhog Day. There’s a whole world that exists outside yours and things are happening.
  • Buy a copy of The Big Issue from the guy outside the supermarket who you normally avoid or just smile apologetically at. Feel like a good human.
  • Listen to Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ album while you work and remember how gorgeous life is.
  • Practice the Footloose opening sequence moves under your desk. Come up with some new shit. Drop it at a party.
  • Change the title in your signature to your dream job and send an email to yourself.


But while doing something you’re in love with might be the ultimate goal, at the end of the day, whether you’re bored or not, it’s good to remember that your job pays for stuff. It feeds you, rents you a room in a cute share house, drapes you in festival tickets and whisks you away on special holidays. So get a grip mate. Be grateful, have a plan and remember at all times:

“The way out is through the door” – Confucius