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Did you know making your bed could change your WHOLE life?

Lucy Cavanagh by Lucy Cavanagh
March 13th, 2016

I spend a lot of time on You Tube. I often get sucked into the cat video vortex and I’m not even a cat person but  I am a YouTube addict.

A little while ago, I watched the commencement speech from the University Texas class of 2014 graduation. It was definitely one of the most valuable things I have ever watched on my computer. Not that Sophia Grace and Rosie videos aren’t valuable…

You-tube videos are usually just something I can whip out on my iPhone to get a few easy laughs from friends. This one was different; I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

The speech is super long, so I’ll summarise what I got out of it for all those of you who don’t have 20 mins spare. It’s all about how you can do simple things that might one day change the world, which, I’ll admit, sounds a little airy fairy. And I know you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet, but bare with me because they are really simple and some are very practical. The one thing that really stuck with me was making your bed every day. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds.

Tracey Emin My BedThis video is the first time anything (or anyone for that matter), has got me to make my bed… Much to my mother’s disappointment. I have never been a bed maker, I don’t see the point. Yes it looks pretty but I’m going out for the day and I’m going to come back, get in there and mess it up again. Why bother?

However, I made my bed this morning, and every morning for the past 2 weeks, for the first time ever. Proud mum?

William McRaven, the guy giving the speech, talks about starting your day with this small task to get you started the right way. I was not thrilled by the idea of starting my day with a chore… snooze fest! But, he makes a good point that once this is done, you have achieved something before even leaving your bedroom and you’re on your way to the next task and the next and the next.

I am not the neatest, or the more organised or productive person ever, so this sounded pretty good to me.


On Monday, I got up 8 minutes earlier than usual (I wasn’t sure how long this bed making schmozzle would take) and I made my bed. It felt alright, I couldn’t feel my world changing just yet. I was impressed that it only took my 4 minutes and not the scheduled 8. The rest of my day carried on as usual, I carried on with my not so productive Monday. Until… I got home and there was my pristine bed waiting for me amongst my PIGSTY of a bedroom. Uh oh.

I spent an hour cleaning my room that night to match my bed. Now THAT felt good. The 4 minutes in the morning had led to something much more productive. I even vacuumed!!

The next day, I repeated the bed making and the next day and the next. After a few days, it started to become part of my routine. I stopped getting up earlier now that I had my hospital corners and fluffy pillows down to a fine art.

I even managed to keep my bedroom relatively neat all week, until the weekend rolled around and I needed to find something to wear. Now most of my wardrobe is on the floor. Whoops!

Mornings are definitely much more productive at my house and I like it. Moving from bed to the shower takes me long enough in the morning, but getting from the shower to fully dressed was where I really struggled. My bed always looked so warm, I just wanted to hop back in, just 5 more minutes! Now I make my bed before I shower and there is no way I am messing it up again! I don’t even sit on it to put my shoes on.

I have to admit, it hasn’t changed my life. I’m yet to see it translate into a super productive work day where I complete everything on my two page to do list. But that might be a tad ambitious… I am however feeling a little more productive and thoroughly enjoying jumping into a nice neat bed every night.  My next challenge is to learn to wash my porridge bowl each morning, before the leftovers turn into concrete.

Are you a bed maker? Will you give it a go?