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MIND BLOWN! We’ve been washing our hair ALL wrong…and it kinda makes sense.

Stacey by Stacey
July 22nd, 2016

It’s probably safe to say you wash your hair the same way I do…along with basically the entire population.


But word on the street is that we’ve been doing it wrong for a kazillion years.

Nina Dimachki, an artistic director at Kerastase says we should be conditioning our hair BEFORE we shampoo.

For anyone like me that has a good load of fine hair…if I use too much conditioner it makes me look like a shitty blonde version of Morticia (or so my Dad says) so I’m always clutching at anything volumising that can help my mane look more alive.

Basically Nina says if you use conditioner before shampoo it avoids fine hair looking weighed down. She also said it’s perfect for highlights, greasy hair and hair that gets tangled easily. AND it also means we can put conditioner all the way to our roots instead of just at the end which is what I do to avoid the oily mess it turns into.

For those of you with thick or coarse hair she recommends trying conditioner, shampoo and then conditioner again.

I’m gonna give this a red hot go. It kinda makes sense right?

PS…this is NOT a sponsored post – just something that caught our eyeballs and we thought you might like to know too! xxx