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I’ve been paid less than my male co-host in every radio job I’ve had #PledgeForParity

Monty by Monty
March 8th, 2016

Today is a cracker day.  A very  important day for all of us human beings.

Today is a day for us to celebrate women, and let’s be honest, without us we are nothing…literally.

This year, for International Women’s Day, the theme is #PledgeForParity because put simply,  if you have a penis you get paid more than someone with a va jay jay. A lot more. Like 17.3% on average more. Literally. That be BULLSHIT.

Since my first job on-air in radio, I have been paid less than my male co-host. Every single male I have worked with on-air has had more pennies going into his bank account on the 15th of every month than me. Did they have more experience than me? No, not all of them. Did they have higher ‘profiles’ than me? No, not all of them. Where they better and more committed to the job than me? No. No they weren’t.

I found the wage difference bullet hard to swallow for many years. I still do.

In 2014 it  was predicted by The World Economic Forum that it would take until 2095 to achieve global gender parity.  But then just one year later in 2015 the breaks were put on this even more and it’s now estimated that vagina’s will get paid the same as a willy closer to 2133. I’ll be dead by then. Pity really cause I enjoy making money and know I work just as hard for it as any bloke out there.

My mind boggles over stat’s like this. It’s alarming, upsetting and frustrating to say the least.

piWe can speed up the process by making everyone – both men and women –  pledge to make this shit change. It actually isn’t one of the hopeless; “I can’t do anything, the problem is too big” issues. You can do things like support and help women and young girls achieve their ambitions, put your weight behind gender balance in leadership, and stand up for what is blatantly right. We all need to be a leader in making this change. How depresso that at this rate my great granddaughter will still be having this same conversation. How exhausting and totally unnecessary!

Experience in many fields has a lot to do with a pay cheque. I don’t for one second think I should be on the same coin as a man who has many more years under his belt than I. But usually, that is not the only reason for such a difference.

My boys.

My boys.

I love men, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate men one iota. I share my life with one of the hottest, most kick ass men to rome the planet and I have heaved two mini men from my loins.  I do however think that men only working with other men, and only men making decisions that affect women is damaging and dangerous.

We have come along way when it comes to gender equality, no doubt about it, but we all know we have country miles to go. International Women’s Day is a fabulous excuse for us to have these conversations and get a bee in our bonet to make changes happen. You need to. I need to. It’s all of our responsibility.

Below are some videos of fabulously strong women talking about their experience of working in male dominated industries. I feel their stories would be far different if the question was; “what is it like for you working with equal amounts men and women?” One day that will be the case…but please don’t make it be in the year 2133.