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Is this the best aphrodisiac in the world?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 1st, 2013

I have a little crush on Russell Brand. He is my ‘imaginary’ man of choice. My celebrity free pass, if you will. He ticks all of my boxes (pun intended) but the biggest tick, in the thickest of bold fonts, is his humour.  He makes me laugh with that ugly laughing face, not dissimilar to ugly cry face. He makes me want to drink absinff, not absinthe, from the 1900’s. He turns me into a pubescent One Direction fan. Not a great look for a 34 year old mother, but you know, whatevs.

The old saying that “laughter is the best medicine” is true, but I also think that laughter (as opposed to grief, as suggested by Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers) is natures greatest aphrodisiac. A person that can make you laugh is probably more effective than downing a tray laden with oysters, chocolate and figs followed by a few glasses of a fine red.   Asparagus also ranks high on the aphrodisiac scale, but it makes your wee smell. Swerve that one if you’re into golden showers.

laugh1If a man can make me laugh, he has my heart forever and indeed, the man who holds the keys to my own blood pumper is funny. The first time I met my husband, he was sitting in the row behind me at the cinema and I found him attractive before I even turned around and looked at him. A wise-cracking smart ass who, just like a brand new Land Rover, comes with loads of other great features. Fifteen years together, almost ten of them married and he still makes me laugh like no one else.

In all seriousness, I think our lives are generally very unbalanced – there is way too much worry and nowhere near enough laughter in our daily lives. It’s no wonder that funny people are the ones everyone wants to be around. When someone makes you laugh (or LOL for anyone born after 1995) you are transported, for that moment, to a place where there are no worries. That moment of true laughter is like a little piece of nirvana – pure bliss that is so wonderful that we are often unaware of its beauty.

These days, comedians are held in high regard and rightly so – they do a very important job. The funny men and women of society are outshining the actors, the singers and the politicians of our world and for good reason. We all want a slice of the fun and they work damn hard to provide it. I can only imagine how thrilling it must be to be a stand-up comedian and hear the primal roars of true belly laughs from a room (or arena) of people. To be a writer on a show that brings a family together in fits of laughter. To be a radio presenter who conjures embarrassing solo-laughs in the car on the shitty commute to and from work. To be the friend who makes you laugh through your tears.

kateWe are blessed in this country to be overflowing with comedic magnificence – from the ‘champagne comedy’ spanning decades from the incredible guys at Working Dog to the smart and oh-so-funny musings of new shows, like It’s a Date and Upper Middle Bogan. Hughesy & Kate, Hamish & Andy, Fifi & Jules and Fitzy & Wippa, all keeping us company in the car.  And our amazing Stand-ups like Kitty Flanagan, Carl Barron and Akmal Saleh.

Comedy is all around us if we embrace it and I’ll bet you a million bucks it’ll make you feel better if you do. Even just for that moment. So, the next time your kid farts in public, laugh with them. Put something funny on the TV or radio. Go and see a show. Just make sure you get that huge injection of laughter into your day. Schedule it in – like a haircut or exercise.

Your heart – and your abs – will thank you for it.

Who is the person who makes you laugh the most?