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This has made me feel physically ill

Stacey by Stacey
January 30th, 2015

It’s all over social media, the footage of aspiring politician, Jason Deller, slapping his young son across the head and pouring cold water over the head of how other son, his toddler. Mr Deller says the footage, which was caught on CCTV in a Sunshine Coast cafe, has been taken out of context and he would be surprised if it didn’t happen in other households. Ummmm….What?

Mr Deller’s violent and unusual public punishments of his children have been investigated by police but he will not be prosecuted. There will be a note put on his record.  but other government officials have questioned whether this is enough and if Mr Deller’s behaviour should be considered abuse.

I was no stranger to a smack on the bum as a kid and I am also no stranger to how hard it is to raise young kids, especially at the age of Mr Deller’s children, but this has made me physically ill , and  in my opinion is without question not okay. I would love to say I sympathise with Mr Deller, but I don’t. Yes, I have had my moments of feeling like I am about to lose my mind when my kids push my buttons but this is just scary.

If he does this in public what does he do behind closed doors? Does his wife actually think how he is treating them is okay,  or is she too scared to say anything?

These kids are doing what EVERY kid does, what they’re doing is not abnormal. But what he is doing is absolutely abnormal. This does not happen in the households of my family and friends. I am not saying smacking isn’t ok…I am saying that this kind of punishment is far from a little smack and he should be investigated further. This is child abuse. Plain and simple.

It is a parent’s role to demonstrate control and restraint and behave like a responsible adult,  even when they want to scream and throw their fists on the floor.

If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it here and make up your own mind.

*WARNING: This video is distressing to watch.

How did this make you feel?