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Jennifer Hudson belting out tunes in her car is THE BEST

Stacey by Stacey
April 16th, 2015

I can’t even…there are no words.  I’m speechless. This is THE SHIT!

Jennifer Hudson and  comedian James Corden  are beyond hilarious and just crazy good in this clip. Seriously, how can one woman be so darn gifted. I crush of JHud so hard!

If I’m being honest, my love (borderline creepo obsession) with JHud started back in the old American Idol days…I can still feel the distraught sadness I felt when she got kicked off WAYYY before she should have. It affected me, in an embarrassingly traumatic way…but THIS my friends has made up for it in spades.

Let this be something your eyes never un-see….and watch the WHOLE thing.

Did you LOVE this too?