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“This was not brave, but I will tell you what is…”

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 21st, 2015

Here at Show and Tell our site is inspired by, run by and read by incredible women. We’ll take ANY opportunity to ‘show and tell’ you a woman we think is doing something amazing.

Meet Jessica Kane.

Jessica, a self-described “body confidence crusader, fashion lover, plus size model, veteran business woman and fully realized feminist” recently posted this picture, taken on her 35th birthday, to her Facebook page.

Alongside the pic, Jessica wrote the following manifesto:

THIS WAS NOT BRAVE. I’ve been told how brave I am for not having a coverup, but going without a wrap would only take bravery if I cared what others thought of me, but I don’t. I spend my time worrying about things I CAN control and this day, I was only thinking about how fab I felt and how much sun I was catching. Things that DO take bravery? A family battling tragic illness, a mother trying to beat addiction, a person trying to break free of domestic violence, reaching out for help when you have already planned your suicide and feel like you can’t breathe one more day. THAT is brave.


Jessica Kane

Needless to say, we have a new spirit animal.

To read more about Jessica, head over to her blog, Life and Style of Jessica.

  • Nourished Family

    I love what she says about what brave is and that she is a successful business woman – that’s inspiring. What’s not inspiring is that her body looks unhealthy, she may be happy with her body image but is she healthy? And is she a healthy role model for girls and women? When her BMI is checked is it in the healthy range? When her cholesterol and blood sugar levels are checked do they come up in normal ranges? How much viseral fat does she have in her abdominal cavity contributing towards the development of chronic disease such as diabetes and CVD? In Australia, 60% of people are overweight or obese because of how they live (inactively) and what they eat (too much, too processed, too sugary). It’s not right that a person should be celebrated for taking a photo in a bikini and publishing it if that picture doesn’t depict a healthy person whether they are happy with their body image or not. I don’t want my daughter or son to grow up thinking it is okay to have an unhealthy body (and contributing lifestyle) as long as they accept and love how they look in that unhealthy body, I don’t think anyone should want that for their children. A healthy body comes in all different shapes and sizes but I would need to be convinced that this person is healthy to really see her as a role model for my children.

  • KJC

    One of the biggest parts of becoming physically healthy, is being mentally healthy. She is on the right track, whether her body is healthy or not. Can’t we just be inspired by her self-esteem alone? Another example of how women are so harshly judged on physical appearance. Ignorance. Kudos to her!!