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FIVE pics of Bieber before he became a brat.

Monty by Monty
March 2nd, 2014

Hip hip hoorayyyyy, it’s Justin Bieber’s Birthday! Bieb’s turns 20 today. He is still not of the legal drinking age where he lives but he has still managed to have about 64 DUI’s. Ok, slight exaggeration. I ain’t up with Bieber’s drinking habits but I did find myself googling pictures of him as a kid. It’s Sunday and it’s either that or take my son to the park and let’s be honest when it comes to parks, even googling pics of Bieber will win.

So below is five pics of the birthday boy pre-ratbag phase. Before Bieber became the hair flicking, drink driving, Disney bonking little demon he now is.

And to celebrate this boy’s birthday go and shout yourself a piece of cake.

Justin Bieber Birthday

Baby Bieber

Justin Biber Birthday

Bottle Bieber

Justin Bieber birthday

Mullet Bieber

Justin Biber Birthday

Bear hugging Beiber

Justin Biber Birthday

Put your dukes up Bieber